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Some of the main features of Identihub

All in One Page

All your visual assets are presented on a single page without clutter; find the asset you need right away.

SVG Conversions

Upload your assets in SVG format and Identihub takes care of the rest, allowing you to download PNG's and other file formats in any resolution.

Share your Assets easily

Identihub offers dedicated links for each of your assets to share easily with your collaborators without sending emails back and forth.

Free as in Free Beer

The self-hosted version of Identihub is free of charge. Install it on your server and customize it to your needs.

Projects on Identihub

Sounds good in theory? Explore how different projects manage their assets on Identihub

Design, but Open

Free Open Source Software

Identihub is self hosted and licensed under the AGPL v3 license. This means the software respects your freedoms and you have control of the software.

Faster Design Workflow

Add icons, logos, fonts and illustrations on one single page and share them with easily with your partners, co-workers and communities.

Easy for non Designers

Now your SVG files are easily converted and used from non designers without the need to send files back and forth via email.

Community Empowered

All the code of Identihub is hosted on GitHub and many people of the community are already contributing and making the software even better.

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